The Natural Thing

Raw Upside Down Fruitcake

This tastes just as delicious as it looks. Tips: Don’t make the glaze until right before you use it and freeze as much of the ingredients for the glaze as you can the night before. 


  • pineapple
  • over ripe bananas
  • half of the harvested meat from a young thai coconut
  • 1 c coconut oil (warmed to liquid state)
  • coconut water as needed

Blend everything together until you get a desired consistency. Remember, you want it to mimic glaze, so you’ll want to end up with something that’s runny enough to slide over the edges but thick enough to hold so it doesn’t all pool at the bottom. 


Process the hazelnuts first to make nut chips - not a nut butter! So be careful not to over process. Set those aside. Next process the dates, creating a date paste. Add the pulp and process with the date paste. Pour the mixture into a large bowl, adding the hazelnuts and granola. Add more hazelnuts and granola as needed - you’re looking for a gooey consistency with a firm setting to it.


  • banana
  • kiwi
  • strawberry (slice all three like chips)
  • raspberry
  • blueberry & blackberry goo (pound or blend together to create) (BBG)

Line a large bowl with the banana chips. Layer some crust all around, pressing firmly into all open spaces and covering the banana completely. Begin layering as follows: raspberries, BBG, kiwi, BBG, strawberry, BBG, strawberry. The bowl should almost be full now. Cover the strawberry with the remaining crust, pressing as firmly as possible and flattening. Refrigerate overnight. 

the following evening

Carefully scrape the edges of the bowl. Turn it upside down, letting your cake gently fall out (make sure to hover as close to the counter as possible!) Pour your glaze on top and garnish with berries. 

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