The Natural Thing
Whats raw food about? Why raw food? I'm a cook by trade, should I feel harassed by it? (heh heh)

No, please don’t! But I can see how you’d easily feel that way. Raw foodism is all about realizing that cooking the food essentially warps it; many of the nutrients are cooked right out, and we all experience this phenomenon called digestive leukocytosis when we eat food that has been cooked over 120 degrees. Eating raw is all about allowing your body to thrive, not just survive. 

Here are some great sites/tumblr’s to check out!




Roberta Walker

Here are some wonderfully informative books!

Raw: The UNcook Book


12 Steps to Raw Food: How to end your dependency on cooked foods

You should also check out FullyRaw Kristina on Youtube :D

I’ve been wanting to go fully raw for awhile. Actually I tried going from barely vegetarian to raw food for my new year’s resolution .. but realized I needed to take a step back and embrace veganism first, for the switch was too difficult for me. Oh well, it’ll just be next year’s New Year’s Resolution instead :) But I do eat high raw, just because whole foods appeal to my lazy side. 

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